Run Analysis Services by Pro Triathlete Jennie Hansen


Learn to run more efficiently and prevent injury

Run Analysis Services:


Basic (90 minute session) $180

  • Complete history, including normal weekly volume, past injuries, footwear, goals, workout types, cross-training, athletic background and more

  • Physical exam aimed at evaluating flexibility, strength, and functional movements

  • Videotaping on treadmill from multiple views

  • In-person frame-by-frame video review, evaluating various key stages of the run gait

  • "Report card" of video findings

  • Instruction in cues, exercises and drills to work on in order to improve gait deviations and inefficiencies, with (printed or emailed) list of instructions

Optional Extras:


  • Document of key pictures from video analysis with written explanation send via email or mail

  • Annotated DVD of run video; DVD of exercise/drills

  • Follow-up session consisting of: 

    • Checking any prescribed exercises and drills for proper performance  

    • Further taping 

    • In-person video review and comparison 

    • New "report card"


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