Your Stories

Wonderful facility. Comfortable and efficient. Todd is very knowledgeable and professional. Appreciated to videos explaining my specific injury. Todd has the personality that makes you comfortable enough to share your concerns. If I get myself in trouble again, I'll make my way over to Holt Road.


The staff is friendly and helpful. I look forward to my workouts because every time I leave I feel better and better.


Thanks for helping my son with his recovery from the ankle sprain. He recently played in an RIT lax tournament and the ankle felt good!


I would highly recommend Procare. I'm thrilled to find my foot motion can be improved and made better than before. Yeah P.T.! I would definitely come back here if I needed more P.T.


Yes, no doubt about it, I had a good time, and they helped and directed me on a course for a speedy recovery. And if I need P.T. again, this is my only choice.


J I was unfortunately not able to participate in my junior soccer season due to an injury. However, as soon as I was able to, I started up PT with Todd and was back and ready to get stronger and faster with the rest of the PCX crew for my basketball season.


2 weeks before my first half marathon I strained a muscle in my leg and I could barely walk. Todd's PT got me back on the road and I finished in 1:40...Thanks Todd!


​My junior season I tore my ACL and had surgery at school. The rehab was not going as well as I hoped. The progress on Todd's rehab plan was so much better I could feel the improvement in my knee each week I worked with him. He even kept up with me after I went back to school and was great in communicating with my athletic trainer at school. The following season I was back playing at 100% and played in every single match as my team went on to win our conference championship and went on to the NCAA tournament.


When needed, I saw Todd Smith for physical therapy to correct my knee and back issues. I appreciate the knowledge and commitment Todd and the staff at PCX have for their clients. It's not unusual to see them supporting their athletes at school or club sporting events.


Yes, I would recommend Todd to everyone. I have recommended him to friends and family.


Without Todd's help I would not have been able to finish my collegiate volleyball career. After two shoulder surgeries I did not think I would ever be back at the level of play. His help with transitioning me back to play amazed me and my coaches!


I would highly recommend Procare (and have). I like that physical therapy is combined with exercise and strength work and feel that this approach will give better long term results. I have also experienced a BIG improvement in mobility and decrease in pain.